Propmi -Technology- Solutions (ProTechSol) provide IT-Infrastructure and Information Management Solutions (IMS). We architect stable, flexible and cost efficient infrastructures to enable our clients to build a foundation for future IT-Innovations.

Why work with us? We manage to help our clients to reduce cost and risk enormously. We delivery on time, create competitive advantage, reduce Capital expenditure (CAPEX vs. OPEX) and TCO.

We help IT infrastructure will be follow:

  • Effective: We make sure your technology works effectively.
  • Dependable: We architect stable and flexible IT infrastructures, make it available, reliable and capable of meeting the needs of your business.
  • Manageable: We help you escape the expensive cycle of complexity by reducing the layers of hardware and software necessary to run your business.
  • Adaptable: We look at your current IT infrastructure with an eye toward the future positioning you to cost-effectively respond to quickly changing business environments.
  • Secure: We protect your business from costly data security breaches.
  • Affordable. We maximize your existing IT capabilities to avoid expensive redundancy and unnecessary upgrades.

Propmi -Technology- Solutions offer a range of enterprise products portfolio - Microsoft, SAP, IBM, Oracle etc... We can help to find the right equipment to meet your project needs or requirements.

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