Our Project & Program Services Portfolio

PROPMI® is an International Project Management and Business Consulting Agency specialized in building of marketing and business development capability, in order to help companies to drive business and enhance brand financial growth.

We help companies develop projects & programs:

  • Acquisition Marketing Program 
  • Lead Generation & Development Program 
  • Nurturing Marketing Program 
  • Customer Retention Program 
  • Customer Loyalty program 
  • Sales & Promotion Marketing Program 
  • Customer satisfaction Program 
  • New Product Launch Program 
  • Affinity Marketing Program 
  • Business Development & Partner Program 
  • Affiliate Marketing Program 
  • New Market Development & Expansion Program 
  • Customer Value Analysis Program 
  • Order Management Program 
  • Contact and Account Management Program 
  • Online Survey Program 
  • Customer Engagement Program


  • Enhance revenues and productivity
  • Improve brand financial growth

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