We created our independent CRM consulting services to help companies and people by selecting CRM technology and implement CRM strategy. We bring to CRM projects our lifetime expertise and experiences. We help SMB in the way that really added value to their organisation and create high competitive advantage for theirs businesses.


Your Independent CRM Consulting Team We offer:

  • CRM consulting,
  • CRM training,
  • CRM workshops,
  • CRM coaching and
  • CRM tutorial




Our CRM Consulting Services:  

Our aim is to ensuring that CRM strategy & technology generates high return on investment (ROI):

  • CRM Analysis and Vision (CRM-AV)
  • CRM Requirements and Specifications (CRM-RS)CRM-Marketing ● Sales ● Services
  • CRM Strategy & Development (CRM-SD)
  • CRM Feasibility and Planning (CRM-FP)
  • CRM Vendor Selection (CRM-VS)
  • CRM Project Management (CRM-PM)
  • CRM Implementation Review (CRM-IR)
  • CRM Value Maximisation (CRM-VM)
  • CRM Data Migration & Reporting (CRM-DMR)
  • CRM Training and Adoption (CRM-TA)
  • CRM Administration and Advisor (CRM-AA)
  • CRM Marketing & Sales Automation (CRM-MSA)
  • CRM Customer Satisfaction (CRM-CSat) 


What we Can Do For Your Company? 

Having spent almost a decade in the CRM industry, learning  how optimize CRM and having been involved in several CRM implementations, we are aware about the fact that generating value from CRM technology could be not easy. While some organisations are being very successful, the majority were struggling. Despite this difficulties we still believe that those companies need support from independent CRM consultant to enable improve CRM Capability Maturity, enhance brand financial growth and revenues as well as return on investment (ROI), return on CRM's investment (ROI of CRM) and customer lifetime value (CLV). Despite the fact that most suppliers in the CRM industry are happy to sell software, we chose to focus on the activities that made the difference between a CRM project being a success and a failure. 

As a result we’ve spent the last five years applying our experience to help clients large and small, public and private sector, reduce the costs (OpEx vs. CapEx), manage the risks, and increase the return on investment -ROI- from implementing CRM technology. (Click here to read more)

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