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Every brand, product, service, and company has unrealized marketing, sales and profit potential, which represent three to seven time the current sales.

According to the American Marketing Association (AMA), a brand is a “name, term, sign,symbol, or design, or a combination of them, intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competition.

Our Brand Asset Management (BAM).

Brand Asset Management (BAM)Brand Asset Management is a proven process for managing brands as assets in order to maximize their value. The process involves four key phases (See Graphic). Managing a brand is about creating an good image that conveys the type of company you want to be. Branding creates mental structures and helps consumers organize their knowledge about products and services in a way that clarifies their decision making and, in the process, provides value to the firm.

It is a very important point of differentiation to create a great image and brand. It's about understanding how your customers perceive your company and using that perception to craft an identity that elevates your market position.


Propmi Consulting helps clients create, maintain, and build upon their position as market leaders, as well as create high competitive advantage. The key to branding is that consumers perceive differences among brands in a product category.

Our Brand Strategy & Consulting Services:

Brand strategy is much more than visual identity. While a beautiful logo, catchy color scheme, and clever tagline are all elements of a brand strategy, they are merely supporting elements.

To build a powerful brand, companies need to have all the elements of brand strategy in place. There are many elements of brand strategy.

  • Brand strategy includes targeting
  • Positioning is an element of brand strategy
  • Product or service configuration and pricing
  • Marketing communications (e.g., advertising and direct marketing)
  • Media allocation, an important part of brand strategy
  • Customer service is included in brand strategy

Propmi Consulting offers brand strategy consulting services, including targeting, positioning, product/service, pricing, advertising, media, customer service, and sales and channel strategy development, to provide companies with a totally reinvented marketing program and a road map to increased sales and profits.

How we help improve your brand development and building: 

  • Logo Design and Redesign
  • Business Card and Stationary Design
  • Graphic and Web Design
  • Style Guide Creation
  • Key Message Development
  • Template Design
  • Value Proposition Definition
  • Competitive Analyses
  • Surveys
  • Illustrations
  • Focus Groups

We take a scientific approach to developing a brand strategy, employing cutting-edge marketing research tools and mathematical modelling to develop programs that close the gap between current and potential performance.

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