Online Advertising & Marketing: How we can help enhance brand financial growth and ROI


Online advertising and marketing are form of promotion that uses the internet to attract customers.

Our Innovative Online Marketing Solution includes:

  • Internet marketing
    • Search engine optimization
    • Social media marketing
    • Email marketing
    • Referral marketing
    • Content marketing
    • Native advertising
  • Search engine marketing
    • Pay per click
    • Cost per impression
    • Search analytics
    • Web analytics
  • Display advertising
    • Contextual advertising
    • Behavioral targeting
  • Affiliate marketing (Cost per action, Revenue sharing)
  • Mobile advertising

Our Innovative Online Advertisment Solution includes:

banner ads, social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, email marketing, Online classified advertising and advertising networks. One of the advantages to online or internet advertising as opposed to traditional forms of advertising is the speed of the publishing of information and its unlimited global reach. The consumer also has the advantage of choosing whether to view the advertisement or not.

There are many popular forms of Online or Internet advertising:

  • Floating ad: is an advertisement that glides across the users screen or hovers above the content.
  • Polite ad: presents a large advertisement in small segments so it does not overpower the content on the user’s page.
  • Wall paper ad: is an ad that changes the back around content of the page being viewed.
  • Pop up ads: present new windows onto the screen of the user, showcasing an advertisement.
  • Mobile ads: come to consumers by way of text or media message sent by cell phone and
  • Trick banner: is an advertisement that is disguised as a dialogue box and often looks like an alert message.

Benefits of Online marketing and advertising:

  • Convenience : Open for business around the clock without worrying about store opening hours or overtime payments for staff;
  • Customer Intimacy/Closeness: Overcoming barriers of distance, Building an export business
  • Reduction of Cost/Low cost concept: products on the Internet costs less than marketing them through a physical retail outlet, No costs of property rental and maintenance)
  • Real-Time Results: You can make changes on the fly and track real-time results.
  • Instant Conversion Ability (ICA): You can target specific demographics in your advertising and get an Instant Conversion Ability.
  • Integration: Variety of methods in marketing online including email, audio, video, blog, social media and newsletters.

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