Business Development and Project & Program Management

What We Able To Do You:

We support companies by the development of business and marketing organizations as well as project management. Our ultimate responsibility to help you close sales in a way that

  • brings profit to your enterprise
  • improve ROI & ROMI and
  • enhance your brand financial growth (BFG™).

We use our business development model (BDM™) to support marketing, sales, pricing, proposal development and competitive analysis, as well as define the whole of business process. 


 Our Project Management Process for Marketing & Business Development:


Project Management: Marketing and Business Development 

Process Areas


Project Planning

Establishing and maintaining campaign plans for business development

Project Monitoring and Control

 Providing an understanding of the business development campaign and its progress, and allowing appropriate corrective action when performance deviates from the plan

Supplier Agreement Management

Managing partner and subcontractor agreements

Integrated Project Management

Establishing and managing the whole of business development activities and the involvement of relevant stakeholders according to an integrated end-to-end process

Risk Management

Identifying potential marketing problems before they occur, so that risk-handling activities may be planned and invoked as needed to mitigate adverse impacts on achieving objectives

Quantitative PM

Sales forecast , ROI, RFM

Qualitative PM

Total quality management (TQM)  Quality Monitoring (QM), continuous improvement


How we can help you achieve your business goals: Business Development Services Portfolio (BDSP™) includes: 

  • We help understand the needs of customers, gain market insight  and marketing intelligence in order to miximize ROI.
  • We help respond to request for proposal (RFP) by preparing proposals.
  • We help develop pricing strategy and tactics according to market requirements.
  • We help manage sales organizations, programs and campaigns as well as optimize the KPI.
  • We help develop brand and positioning strategy for products or services, in order to enhance brand financial growth and ROMI.
  • We help by preparing advertising and develop collateral material as well as define product value propositions and USP.
  • We help by managing market risks assets and sales negotiation, as well as support the close of deal.
  • We help establish and maintain customer's relationships in effective way, as well as execute successfully in a cost effective and acceptable manner.

According to Prof. Dr. P. Kotler who describes how a business development organization contributes to the enterprise’s success: “The key to achieving its organizational objectives consists of the enterprise being more effective than competitors in creating, delivering, and communicating superior customer value to its chosen target markets” [Marketing Management - Kotler Ch02].

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