Marketing Management Consulting (MMC)

Every brand, product, service, and company has unrealized marketing, sales and profit potential, which represent three to seven time the current sales.

In order to help close the gap and improve marketing and business development performance from average to superior, we are offering following services divide into five steps of marketing and business development program:

  • Marketing Asset Management (MAM)Marketing Auditing (MA)
  • Marketing Strategy Development (MSD)
  • Marketing Planning (MP)
  • Marketing Implementation (MI)
  • Marketing Performance Evaluation (MPE)
  • Marketing Best Patterns (MBP)

Marketing & Innovation Strategy Services(MISS):

Our Marketing & Innovation Strategy Concept helps SMB companies to minimize risk and maximize growth in downtime economy and includes follow:

  • Discover new opportunities
  • Configure the most profitable low budget marketing-mix concept
  • Build effective scenario concepts in terms of sales potential.
  • Develop a successful marketing plan to support brand financial growth (BFG).
  • Optimize forecast performance (OFP)

You can dramatically increase the ROI of your marketing and innovation strategy (MIS) by using our research and modelling to develop and launch highly-successful new products, services, and campaigns.

  • Marketing and Innovation Opportunity Analysis™(MIOA)
  • Marketing Low Budget Concept (MLBC)
  • Modelling Marketing Plans (MMP)
  • Discovery Sales Forecasting Model (SFM)

Contact our Consulting Team: consulting(at)propmi-limited.comPROPMI® solid strategic expertise can help your brand or business make the most from your marketing & innovation efforts. Our extensive work with firms at various stages of the new product/service development process and diverse experience working across industries can help your company to difference and create high competitive advantage.

You know how important it is maintaining a streamline of new products and/or services is to business growth. Let us help you to improve your competitive advantage and maintain top-of-mind with your customer through our innovative and sustainable strategy.

Our marketing and business development consultants are high qualified and experienced people. We use collaborative approach and work with you closely to find solutions to brand strategy and marketing and business development challenges, in order ensure you high ROI and ROMI.

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